Barber Club of Atwater
of Atwater

1276 Broadway

Barber Club of Atwater

Six (6) Barbers to serve you
(15 years of combined experience)

Specializing in Custom Hair Styles
(From Old Fashioned to Modern to a mix of both)

The Barber Club is the newest barber shop in Atwater
specializing in custom haircuts for the modern man.

"Changing lives, one haircut at a time"

When I first walked into the Barber Club I was impressed. I met the owner Val for the first time and he was very pleasant right away, a first sign of someone that cares about his business and the job he is doing. You will discover a very positive attitude from the minute you enter the Club.
JR Budke              
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What it Cost

Regular Haircut
Extra for Artwork
$5 to $20

(depending on the type of Artwork)

Barber Club of Atwater  
The Barber Club of Atwater

Barber Club of Atwater

Maybe its that newest style or just a relaxing atmosphere while a qualified barber is making you shine.
The Barber Club knows how to cut your hair the way you want it.
Truly a relaxing experience for any member of the family.

Barber Club of Atwater

Haircuts for the whole family

  A very positive atmosphere

Barber Club of Atwater

Barber Club of Atwater

A style for everyone

We accept most major credit cards

We accept all major credit cards - Atwater

Store Hours

Monday - Friday
10:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
8:00am - 9:00pm

Contact Information

1276 Broadway
Atwater, CA  95301

Phone:  (209) 489.5358

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