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Our Special Express Lube Fluid Maintenance Schedule


Reduce Down Time - Prolonged The Life of your Fleet - Reduce Operating Costs -
Help Prevent Breakdowns - Maintain Factory Warranty - Increase Resale value

Fleet Care Accounts availableand

All it takes is five vehicles to qualify for your fleet care account.

Programs available for independent drivers

Additional Versus Available

Tire Rotation-break
PCV Valve Replacment
Differential Fluid Change
Transfer Case Fluid Change
Air filter Replacement
Wiper Blade Replacement
Standard Transmission Fluid Change
Coolant Replacement Service
Breather Element Replacement
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Automatic Transmission Fluid Change
Fuel System Service

3 Locations -- FRESNO & CLOVIS -- 3 Locations

1395 N. Willow Ave.
Clovis, CA 93619
PH; 559.322.8040
Fax: 559.322.8088
4853 E. McKinley Avenue
Fresno, CA 93703
PH: 559.452.9041
Fax: 559.452.9038
4815 E. Kings Canyon Rd.
Fresno, CA 93702
PH: 559.251.1800
Fax: 559.251.1802

Selfl-Serve Car Wash Available at some locations

Xpress Lube Can Handle All Your Oil Change & Lubrication Needs & More

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 559-322- 8040 -- 1395 N. Local Ave. -- Fresno -- CA -- 559-322-8040