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Local Bizness Ads has been designed to put
local residents in touch with local




Not only do we offer a place for businesses to meet their neighbors, we go out and bring them together. By sending out "targeted" email ads to thousands of local residents, inviting to visit the "Local Bizness Ads" website for each city, where they will be able to learn the story about local merchants, is not only the newest way to reach new customers, but it is also the most affordable.

Our email ads are sent to the surrounding counties -- Merced - Stanislaus - Fresno. They are sent to people that wish to receive information via email. We never SPAM. It is the way of the future for reaching not only your City but also the hard to find and the smaller communities just outside of your city.

If you are a local merchant, Local Bizness Ads is where you need to be.

Local Bizness Ads was designed for local businesses to be able to reach local residents with their story of their business. Telling shoppers how long in business and the kind of business is one of the best ways a small business can attract new business. We have years of experience in E-Mail advertising directly to the local customer's individual email box. We reach your customers at home and in the office.

Three Ways To Reach Shoppers Surrounding Your City

  1. Main City Page (Branding)

    Local companies that are "hand picked" will will be on the main page of their city where local residents visit every day:
    The If your business is "selected" for a listing on your city's page it will have an opportunity to be seen each and everyday of the year. This is because Local Bizness Ads sends out thousand e-mail ads often inviting local shoppers to the site. Because of this the site is opened by new visitors every day and all are local residents in your county and near by counties. (Click here for more Information)

  2. On Site Advertising Place your ad on our site "in a permanent frame" where shoppers are guaranteed to see your company:
    Local Bizness Ads sends out thousands of email inviting local shoppers to the site.
    Because of this, the site is opened by new shoppers every day and all are residents in the counties surrounding your city. (Click here for more Information)

  3. Targeted E-mail advertising Email advertising is the most lucrative form of advertising available. The local paper is a one shot deal, but Local Bizness Ads will send out your ad to thousands of shoppers in your county, or surrounding counties, on a weekly basis for about the cost of one single ad in your local newspaper.

    Most local businesses can be covered by sending to just your county, but in certain businesses the area covered needs to be expanded. An automotive dealer may want to send more than a restaurant, because fewer people buy cars than go out to dinner. A Recreational Vehicle dealer may want to reach out to a 150 mile radius, simply because fewer people are interested in purchasing an RV. We simply reach out to the individual businesses needs. (Click here for more Information)

The companies we contract with to send our ads use the most advanced equipment and software that gets to the shopper's inbox (not their bulk email folder). They are "ALWAYS" "CAN SPAM" complaint and use "double opt in" technology to make sure that only people wishing to receive your ads are the only ones being mailed.

Email advertising is a dream come true for real estate sales, mortgage lenders, legal firms, florist, storage companies and even the local body and paint shop.

If increasing your sales is something you wish to do, please contact Local Bizness Ads. We will design a special campaign for your special needs.

Contact Local-Couponads.com for additional information via email at: info@localbiznessads.com, or call JR at 209.204.2902

JR Budke
Local Bizness Ads


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